Unraveling the Secrets of ‘What Motivates You’ in an Interview

Understanding the Question

What does the interviewer really want to know?

Job interviews can be a maze of questions, each crafted to uncover a facet of the applicant. Among these, one stands out in its simplicity yet depth: “What motivates you?” This inquiry isn’t just about understanding an applicant’s drive but also about aligning it with the company’s goals.

How to Answer

Crafting Your Response

This question, wide and general, is not about generic motivations. It’s about what truly drives you. Start with your strengths. Are you a team player? Do you find joy in solving complex challenges? Linking personal motivations with company values can be a game-changer.

Personal Example

Making a difference has always been important to me. Sales jobs can have a massive impact to a company as you are working to solve a problem that they are experiencing. Your solution is the answer to their problem so focus on the impact that this had on the company and how you were able to leverage this sale to get other similar companies.

Reflect on Your Career Growth and Development Goals

Relating your motivation to job roles is crucial. If coding is your passion, emphasize the thrill of seeing a software project come to life. Each job role offers unique opportunities and tying them to personal motivations can set you apart.

Questions About Motivation Answered

• What motivates you in work examples?

Exceeding sales targets, building lasting relationships with clients, and introducing hesitant customers to a product they eventually love.

• What motivates you with an example?

Closing a challenging deal after weeks of negotiation. For instance, in my previous role, I managed to secure a contract with a client who had been reluctant for months. Their subsequent feedback on the product’s positive impact was incredibly gratifying.

What is the one thing that motivates you?

The thrill of the chase. Every potential customer is a new challenge, a puzzle to solve, and I thrive on navigating these complexities to find win-win solutions.

What motivates you in life?

Building and nurturing connections, be it with friends, family, or clients. Every relationship offers a chance to learn and grow.

What motivates you job interview answers?

The opportunity to drive growth in a dynamic sales environment. I’m motivated by the chance to tap into new markets and introduce customers to solutions that truly benefit them.

• What is your motivation’s best answer?

Achieving and surpassing targets while ensuring that the client feels valued and understood. My motivation is a blend of personal success and customer satisfaction.

• What motivates you to apply for this role?

The company’s reputation for having innovative products and a strong support system for its sales team. I believe I can both benefit from and contribute to such an environment.

• What is the best answer to what motivates you?

The satisfaction of closing a sale coupled with the knowledge that the product or service I’m offering will genuinely benefit the client.

• What motivated you to apply for this job?

The company’s track record of delivering top-notch products and its commitment to continuous training and development for its sales team.

• What motivates you in daily life?

Building connections and constantly learning from every interaction. Every conversation, whether personal or professional, offers insights and growth opportunities.

• What motivated you to apply for this position answer?

The potential for growth in a company that is at the forefront of the industry and the chance to be part of a team that values innovation and customer relationships.

• How do you answer what motivates you examples?

In a prior role, I introduced a client to a new product line, and seeing how it revolutionized their operations was a high point for me. Moments like these, where I can align a client’s needs with the right product, are what drive me.

What motivates you best interview answer?

Creating lasting business relationships. While achieving sales targets is important, I’m equally motivated by the chance to build trust with my clients, ensuring they see me as a reliable advisor for their needs.

Leveraging ChatGPT & LLMs for Interview Prep

In today’s digital age, tools like ChatGPT and other LLMs offer an unparalleled advantage in interview preparation. They’re not only responsive and versatile but also adapt to diverse industries, including sales. Here’s a guide on harnessing these tools for interview success:

Why Use ChatGPT & LLMs for Interview Practice?

  • Instant Feedback: Get real-time responses to your answers, helping you refine them on the go.
  • Diverse Scenarios: Simulate various interview situations to be better prepared.
  • Flexible Timing: Practice anytime, anywhere, without the need to schedule mock interviews.
  • Confidential: No risk of your responses being shared or judged. It’s a safe space for genuine self-improvement.

How to Use ChatGPT for Interview Practice

  1. Access the Platform: Use platforms like OpenAI to access ChatGPT or other LLMs.
  2. Set the Scenario: Start by providing the context. For instance, “I’m preparing for a sales position interview. Can you help?”
  3. Engage Actively: Treat the interaction as a real interview. The more genuine you are, the better your preparation will be.
  4. Seek Feedback: After answering, ask for feedback or potential improvements

Sample Prompts for Sales Interview Practice

  • “Pretend you’re an interviewer for a leading software sales company. Ask me about my experience in closing deals with challenging clients.”
  • “I’m prepping for a sales role in pharmaceuticals. Quiz me on strategies for introducing a new product to skeptical doctors.”
  • “Simulate a scenario where a potential client is hesitant about the product’s cost. How would I convince them of its value?”
  • “I’ve mainly done B2C sales but am transitioning to B2B. Challenge me with questions related to this transition.”

Quiz: Discover What Truly Motivates You in Sales!

Instructions: Answer each question honestly. At the end, tally your answers to discover your primary motivation.


Mostly A‘s: Relationship Builder – You thrive on making genuine connections and believe in the long-term value of trust in sales.

Mostly B‘s: Problem Solver – Challenges excite you. You’re the one who sees objections as puzzles, waiting to be solved.

Mostly C‘s: Target Chaser – Goals and numbers drive you. Every sale is a step closer to your target, and that’s where your thrill lies.

Mostly D‘s: Lifelong Learner – You view sales as a continuous learning journey. Knowledge enhancement and skill development are what motivate you the most.

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