About me

What brings you here? You’re here because you’ve either been let go of your job and are in active find a new job mode or you realize that your current situation can not continue and you have to find a new job, fast. In either case, the information that you will find here will help you with your predicament. I’ve been where you are and I how frustrating this can be and also the joy you will feel once you have found your new job. I have 20 years of sales experience. I’ve been fired from roles for what I perceived to be no good reason and I’ve also landed amazing jobs at incredible companies. I am going to share my process for finding a new job and how you can stand out amongst your peers. I am putting together a list of resources that will help you to accelerate your job search, this will include AI tools. Please feel free to leave a comment as we would love your feedback and input. To your success!